Once Upon A Time

At the moment, all thoughts are on Christmas, but in the blink of an eye it will be over and the New Year will be upon us. So what better time to talk about ‘time’ – learning to tell the time, different time zones around the world and passing time.

Let’s start with the newest addition to our range, a sturdy teaching clock (insert picture) that is clear and easy to use for little hands. You can teach the 12- hour clock, the 24-hour clock and how each hour is divided into 60 seconds.

Or there’s the Bag of Time – a felt bag to keep everything in with an embroidered clock face and moveable hands. Wipe-clean labels (numbers and words) can be attached with Velcro.

While you’re in the process of teaching time, have a look at the Fairy Clock Game – it really is cute.

Once the children have got the basics, then why not consider looking at world time zones? Using the world globe and map you can discuss what time of day or night it is in various countries around the world and what the children in those countries might be doing. A great way to get them using their imagination and language skills.

You could also do ‘once upon a time’ to encourage language skills. Children love looking at pictures of themselves when they were ‘little’. So get the children to bring in pictures of themselves when they were a baby or a younger toddler and ask each child in turn to show the others and talk about the picture. You might be surprised at some of the stories you get!

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