Painting to Music

Set up outside for painting with musicI saw this idea on Facebook last week and just had to give it a go.  It’s quite a simple idea but gives the children a new way of looking at painting which in turn produces some fantastic results.

The Method

Select some music that has a good rhythm – I used Glen Miller. Then tie something heavyish – I used small wooden rings – to the end of a Painting to musicpiece of string about 50cm long. Layout paper on the floor with dishes of paint.  Whilst standing, the children dip the ‘weight’ into the paint and dance it across the paper in time to music, if possible.

What the Children Thought

They were a little suspicious at first. Painting on the floor? With string? To music? Not sure about that. Shouldn’t there be brushes and things?

Painting to Music pictureBut after a few demonstrations one little girl plucked up the courage to give it a go. She liked it. As well as dancing the weight across the page  she also took the weight in her hand and started to stroke it across the paper.

Once one child had a go others followed and we were quite busy for a time. Not many children managed the rhythm bit but it was lovely having the music. As the weather was so nice we were outside again and some mums were saying that the atmosphere was perfect for a Pimms with strawberries and cream.

After snack time I added brushes to the paint dishes and a couple of children came and painted with brushes, weighted string and one with hand prints. Actually she only did the hand prints so she could wash her hands in the bowl of soapy water. Ahh water play – always popular with the little ones.

handprintsPainting to music picture

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