Planning September Art Sessions

Toddler group will be starting up again in a couple of weeks so I’ve been thinking about what I can do with my little friends.

As some of the children have moved on and younger ones join the group this is the time of year where I have to assume their experience of making art is limited. Plus, I have to make sure any activity should be achievable by all age groups from one to four. This can be quite a challange.

This half of term my plans are to introduce the children to line, colour, shape and texture.

Line: I’m going to revisit an activity I did last January for exploring line where a long piece of string is attached to card and thenthe children can move it around and follow the line with their finger. Then we’ll break out the felt tips and have a go at making lines.

Another fun line activity is giant collage. I take in small rugs for canvases and a box full of ribbons, lace, scarves, rope etc. The children then have great fun making patterns and pictures on a large scale.

Colour: Here I like to introduce the primary colours one at a time over several weeks, either using collage or paint. Then we start colour mixing – just two colours to start with then building up to three. By the end of the year we’ll be using a whole rainbow of colours.

For collage we’ll start with one colour but the materials will be of different shapes, sizes and texture. I spend hours picking out all the individual colours from all the materials I’ve gathered together.

Shape: Collage is excellent for this. I cut different textured card and paper, as well as the paper we’re sticking on, into the desired shape. So, everything will be square, round or triangular. The children have produced some cracking pictures using just one shape.

Texture: This falls under collage and printing. Obviously with collage you use materials with different textures. With printing you can use pretty much anything to create texture and pattern in paint including: bubble wrap, sponges and textured stamps. It’s great, messy fun and the children will love it.

Well that’s me sorted – what are your plans?

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