Early Years Art Project With Downloadable PDF & Video

I’m excited to tell you about our new, ongoing programme to help you with ideas for art activities in your setting. Each project will have a downloadable PDF for you to refer to with a materials list and instructions. Plus, we will make an accompanying video for the children to watch and learn from.

The first project is Print Yourself A Meadow.  In the video ‘Susie’ is inspired by pretty flowers to print a meadow. But first she puts on an apron before showing you how to make a print.  At the end she has dirty hands and has to wash them. The video is only two minutes long and hopefully you and the children will find it a fun way to kick off your art activity.

“Wow – thought I was watching CBeebies” is one response I’ve had.

Click here to download the PDF

Each project will be designed to:

1. Help small children become more aware of their surroundings by using all of their senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. This will help them to engage with their environment and appreciate the world around them.

2. Be seasonally relevant.

3.Reinforce that an apron is to be worn when doing messy activities and to wash hands at the end.

4. Show children the different art processes they can use to express their response to the world.

5. Use at least one of the six main art-making techniques: painting, printing, mark making, collage, 3D and textiles.

6. Be achievable and help each child produce a unique piece of art.

7. Focus on the creative process.

It’s important to stress that the final product should be unique to each child. So, if you can make sure there is minimum interference from adults.

Please encourage experimentation and allow the children to go ‘off-brief’.  Follow a child’s thinking and don’t impose the projects outcome. This is important in helping to develop a child’s confidence in their decision-making, creative application and self-expression. After all the aim is for the children to be involved in the process of making art.

I hope you enjoy our art project and your feedback and any photos of the artwork would be most welcome. Please send them to: susan@artfuldodgers.co.uk

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