Printing with Poppy Plastic

First toddler group of 2015 and we had lots of messy fun printing with poppy plastic, hands and finger tips.

This was very easy to set up – I simply squirted some ready mixed paint on to sponges set into finger dip bowls, let the children choose which colour sugar paper they wanted to use and away we went.

Now some children don’t like to get their hands messy. So, I made the poppy plastic up into ‘gloves’. But I made them too small and the silicone I used to seal the plastic didn’t hold very well. Not to worry. The children simply pressed the poppy plastic onto paint-soaked sponges and then onto the paper.

Top Tip for Printing with Paint
Using paint soaked sponges for printing is a much better way of presenting the paint than simply squeezing it into the finger dip bowls. This way you don’t get too much paint onto the item you’re printing with.

Printed Results
The children had a grand old time. I kept the colour palette simple – blue, white and silver – to reflect the coldness of the day. Plus, when the colours get mixed up you still get a pleasing result and not just a muddy brown.

This activity engaged all age groups from 18 months to 3 years. One little girl had her right arm in plaster but she still managed to make three pictures with just her left hand. Go girl!

Another little girl loved experimenting with applying different pressure to her poppy plastic, then played with printing with her hands and finger tips. Great fun.

One shy little boy came over on his own (he’s not done that before) to have a go. And, the pleasing thing was everyone wanted to take their work home at the end of the session. Fantastic!

As you can see, this is a great project for making backgrounds. If you were making a wintery display you could get the children printing a snow shower either using poppy plastic or their finger tips, getting them to make more prints at the bottom of the paper to build up the snow. Um good idea Susie! I might just give that a go.

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