Red and Green Finger Paint

After the success of painting last week I thought we’d go a step further on the mess front and use finger paint. I’d been given some samples from one of our suppliers to try in red and green.

Red and Green
Red and green are complementary colours. This means they are on the opposite sides of the colour wheel. When complementary colours are used next to each other they create vibrancy in pictures. The children’s pictures on this page demonstrate this perfectly


The Paintings
scratching into the paintAt first I laid out sugar paper and white card for the children to use. The most popular was the white card. I also put out some craft sticks and matchsticks for the children to use to scratch into the paint to make marks.

Instead of using their fingers most of the children used the craft sticks to scoop up the paint. Some smeared it over their hands and made hand prints, whilst others used the sticks to spread the paint over the card like buttering a piece of bread.

The paint had a gel like quality so was quite smooth to spread – especially on the smooth card. We discussed how the paint felt on their hands and when spreading. We even had a go tasting it – it tasted of nothing.

first paintingThe paints kept their colours really well. You need to mix them for quite a long time to get the muddy colour, so even when smeared around they kept their vibrancy.

We had one 14-month-old girl make her first picture – with a lot of help from mum. This is a great project for the young ones to try, getting their hands messy and spreading the colour around or making simple hand prints.

One of the eldest girls scratched a princess into her paint along with her name and swirly patterns. This is the same girl who made five paintings of a female figure last week – it’s her thing at the moment it seems.

Most of the children engaged with the activity. The older children enjoyed scratching patterns and images into the paint whilst the younger children enjoyed the smearing and texture of the paint.

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