Roald Dahl Day

September 13th is officially Roald Dahl Day. And it’s special this year because not only is it Dahl’s birthday, but it falls on a Friday too. Argghhh… Friday 13th! Anyway, this means that the theme for the day is characters that caused mischief in Dahl’s stories. They say:

“…this year we’re celebrating all the tricksy characters that fill Roald Dahl’s books – from George and his mayhemic medicine to those foulsome Witches to Matilda and her parent-scaring tricks. After all, no birthday celebration is complete without a little bit of mischief!”

I’m sure I’m not the only person who loves Dahl’s books – James and the Giant Peach being my all-time favourite, with Tales of the Unexpected coming a very close second. I bet that’s a blast from the past for some of you – do you remember the starting titles with the girl dancing in the flames? If you fancy a trip down nostalgia lane, here you go – Tales of the Unexpected.

Right back to Roald Dahls birthday! So, what can your class do to celebrate? Well, there are loads of resources on the official website, including party packs called 50 Scrumdiddlyumptious Ways to Celebrate Roald Dahl Day, Whizzpopping and Peach that are crammed full of creative ideas.

You could ask the kids to come dressed up as their favourite character from a Dahl story or you could get them drawing their version of their favourite character using the description given in the story.

You could even get the kids to act out parts of their favourite stories. And considering role-play, or dramatic play as they now like to call it, is excellent for:

• developing the imagination

• encouraging empathy

• improving social skills

• developing abstract thinking

• improving literacy and math skills

it’s a good idea to do it frequently. The great thing is, the child is learning without even realising it – what could be better?

Plus, on Friday 13th there’ll be a Puffin Virtually Live Interactive Webcast to celebrate the day. Famous names from the stage and screen will be taking part, but that’s all the information they are giving at the moment, so check here for more details nearer the time.

Do let us know what you’ve been up to and, if you send us photos of your class activities for inclusion in our gallery, you could win yourself a £20 voucher to spend in our shop.

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