Roller Painting, Collage and Sad Farewells

It was the final toddler group of the summer a few weeks ago. I was really sad as it was the last time I’ll see some of the children as they’ll be starting nursery or school in September. I feel I’ve only just got to know them and their likes and dislikes at the art table.

One loves the colour green, another will only glue and stick whilst others are up for any kind of art. It’s been a pleasure watching them develop their confidence with using art materials and making wonderful pieces of work. So, good luck to all the leavers. I will miss you, your mums and your grans.

Roller Painting

This last session gave me the chance to test out some giant painting rollers. Wow. They are fab. So fab in fact we’ll be stocking them very soon. I really wasn’t sure how the tots would go for these but they loved them.

They quickly got the idea that they needed to push the rollers back and forth to get them covered in paint. The look of delight on their faces when they rolled them across the paper was a picture.

“They make patterns” exclaimed the children. And indeed they do. Each roller has a different pattern to create different effects and I put a different colour with each one.

“Square spots,” grinned one little girl.

The effects are: waves, lines, squares and thick lines.


Because it was the last session I thought we’d do a bit of gluing and sticking as well as painting. It always goes down well. Some added collage to their paintings whilst others wanted to make separate pictures.

I always let the children select their own collage materials. The choices they make can be quite telling. For example, they only choose one type of material like buttons, or they may choose a variety but in only one colour. Most go for a mix but they are selective as they don’t just grab something of every option.

Choosing the materials is all part of the creative process and it helps to build their confidence in the choices they make. So, let them take charge of the choices they make for their creations.
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