Royal Wedding and St George!

JewelsI’m sure you must all be aware that there’s a Royal Wedding coming up – it’d be hard to miss with all the fuss! And that means there’s plenty of opportunity to be creative with dressing up – both the classroom and the children – in celebration. Plus, there’s St George’s Day to celebrate, so an extra long blog is in order this week!

Little Princes and Princesses

I think it’s true that most little girls want to be princesses – I know I certainly liked thinking I was, some would say I still do! And, likewise, most boys like to be little princes. So, making crowns would seem the perfect way to indulge this fantasy. Plus, they are really easy for little hands to make. All you need is some gold and silver card, glitter, jewels,feathers for a more exotic feel, metallic crepe paper and metallic tissue paper for decoration. You’ll also need some double-sided tape and glue. Assembly is easy, simply cut strips of card to fit the size of each child’s head, cut the tops of each crown into the desired pattern, fasten with double sided tape and then leave the decoration up to the children.


FeathersColourful, quick and easy to make bunting adds a touch of party atmosphere to any classroom and harks back to the days of street parties. Make yours out of red, white and blue card by simply cutting a strip of card, looping it together and fastening with double sided tape. Then do the same again, looping the second strip through the first strip and so on. Once you have the desired length attach it with double sided tape or Blu Tack.

Take a look at our craft section pdfs to see some more fun Royal Wedding themed ideas.

St George is on the move!

That’s right, St George’s Day has been moved because it falls on the same weekend as Easter. So, this year St George will have to wait until May 2nd to be celebrated and is another fabulous opportunity for creativity.

Red and White Afternoon Tea!

Have afternoon tea – a very English tradition and make everything red and white. Make some red and white themed cupcakes, thanks to the Children’s Society. Try crispy cakes with white chocolate and dried red berries thrown in for a fun treat. Or have a fresh red fruit salad with strawberries, grapes, raspberries and cream. We have cake cases to put them in and pretty doilies to make your plates a bit special


Painting the children’s faces to look like dragons will give their Mums and Dads a scare! Our Snazaroo Face painting kits or individual colours would be perfect for the job. Or make this wonderful handprint dragon. You’ll need paint, card, glue, scissors and wiggly eyes. You could have the children make their own pictures or get them all to take part and make a dragon big enough to extend all around the classroom!

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