Sensorial Sensations

This week at toddler group we went all sensory. Three activities were set up for the children to explore texture, manipulation and organization. The children were free to move between the activities as they chose.


I’m a big fan of gloop. It’s so simple but incredibly complex. All it’s made from is corn flour and water but once combined it’s solid but runny, soft but hard, really, really messy but very easy to tidy up. It’s great. Most children love it but some find the texture a little weird.

You can make it in individual bowls or have a big tray of it for a group activity where you can run toy cars through it and watch what happens to the tracks left behind. I also recommend some kind of stirring implement like a spoon or craft stick for those who don’t like to dip their hands in it. Coloured craft sticks will bleed into the gloop and stain skin so just bear that in mind.

Play Dough

Another favourite for children is the lovely play dough. It’s easy to roll, pat, scrunch, stick things into, hide things in, shape, cut and so on.

The table was set up with several balls of dough, rolling pins, matchsticks, craft sticks and cutters giving the children lots of options to choose from. Here are some of their creations:


For this activity three different textures were chosen. Pom poms for soft and fluffy, tiny pinecones for rough and dry, and finally, buttons for hard and smooth. Chocolate box trays were used to sort the different items into.

This activity can be left to the children to decide how they sort or you could ask them to sort colours together. Then once they are finished you can ask them to sort the items back into the baskets they came from. This activity really does engage the children and they will happily sort for a good 10 to 20 minutes.

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