Space – A New Frontier!

The recent shuttle mission to the International Space Station marks the end of 30 years of use for the current design. I think it’s about time we had some new and interesting space ships to take us to the ISS and beyond into outer space. And, I am fairly sure that your class of mini astronauts have plenty of designs in mind for the shuttle’s replacement.


Space would not be space without a black background to show off its wonders. And super spaceships always look best when set against a black background – well I think so anyway. So, our re-cycled black card is perfect for individual projects or, for larger projects like this one, our extra wide black poster roll is ideal.

Now to Fill The Empty Space

Space is now ready and waiting for celestial beings to fill it. I’ve given some ideas for items you can use and what to do with them below.

You’ll need:

intensive card


clear adhesive tape



tissue paper


glitter stars

metallic card

coloured sand

iridescent glitter flakes

splash mat

Lay the spacescape on the floor to work on it – this way everything has the chance to dry fully before it’s hung on the wall. Use a splash mat to catch any rogue elements trying to escape.

Use the intensive card to shape the planets. Get the children to cut out the shapes of the planets using the correct size ratios – use our fabulous felt Solar System display as a template for this activity. Decorate them using whatever decoration the children want and affix them to the spacescape using sticky fixers or a loop of clear sticky tape – this will generate the effect of 3D by making the attachments protrude from the card slightly. Should look great!

Use the cellophane or tissue paper for nebulae by scrunching it up slightly and attaching it in cloud like shapes with looped clear sticky tape, dab on some glue and sprinkle with glitter for extra effect. In fact you can make any number of stars and space cloud formations by sprinkling glitter, iridescent glitter flakes, coloured sand or glitter stars onto the background. Simply smear a dollop of glue into a suitable shape and shake the desired effect over it and gold and silver card and glitter can be used to make stars – like our sun.

Once it’s filled with space stuff, fix the spacescape to the wall with Blue-Tack or Sticky Fixers.

Super Space Craft

Now it needs the inhabitants and their ships. As this is space, anything is possible and the children can really explore their imagination to come up with outrageous and exciting space craft designs. Encourage all kinds of shapes, colours and mediums – fluorescent paint, rainbow crayon, chalk and so on – and get the children to think about the methods of propulsion their ships might use too.

Each child can give a short presentation of their spaceship, telling others why they chose to make it that way, before it is attached to the spacescape with loops of clear sticky tape.

Don’t forget to document these events with pictures in the children’s scrapbook for the year.

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