Spider and Web Inspired Collage

In our video, Susie is inspired by a beautiful spider in its raindrop-covered web. Show the children the video to help them develop an awareness of their environment and learn how to look carefully at what they see. Then let them respond to what they have seen by completing the project.

Download the accompanying PDF

For this activity you will need:
• PVA Glue
• String, Wool, Ribbon etc
• Selection of Collage Material
• Coloured Card
• Brush or glue spreader
• Glue Pot
• Scissors
• Aprons
• Table covers

(all items are available from our website)

After watching this video, it would be fun if you can go spider hunting in your outdoor area or when you are out for a walk with the children. The autumn months are a great time to do this as many garden spiders are quite obvious at this time of year.

Find, See, Absorb and Respond with a Picture

The Susie videos are designed to let the children see the creative process of looking, absorbing and responding to what they have seen in a creative way.

It’s All About Processes
Like Susie, make sure the children are wearing aprons when making messy art.

Let the children decide which colour card and collage materials they would like to use to make their picture.

I always found it useful to have the materials set out on a separate table and each child have a collecting bowl. They could go back and get more materials as and when needed.

Let the children decide how to glue their materials down – either putting the glue on the card first and pressing the item down or putting the glue on the collage material before placing it on the card.

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