Spring Sheep Collage

White SheepOne thing I can guarantee will get the children running over to the art table at toddler group is collage. They just love it.

Today I’d brought along the Artful Dodgers Sheep templates for them to collage. They had great fun with several children coming back to do another picture.

I also pulled together a wide selection of collage materials so the children could choose to go bright or neutral with their colours as well as being able to choose hard and soft materials.

Materials included:

Cotton wool
Polystyrene packing pellets
Wood slices
Acrylic jewels
Shiny fabric shapes
Pom poms
Corrugated shapes
Clear plastic mosaic tiles
Wiggly eyes

I also put out some Giotto felt tips and PVA glue for sticking.

Sheep in a dressChildren Select Their Own Materials
I set up so the children can select their own materials from a side table. This is an important part of the activity. Admittedly, some children will grab as much as they can so you have to encourage them to select just a few items and let them know they can come back for more.

It’s important that they select the materials themselves because they can then choose the colours and textures they want to use. This helps the final piece be unique to them.

Sheep with lamb in tummyThe Children’s Pictures
We were busy with 24 different pictures being created. Now remember it’s not the final piece that’s the important bit – though the children are usually very proud of their work and want to take it home with them – it’s the process of making that really counts. As you can clearly see the children had thought carefully about which materials to use and where they should place them. They all worked really hard.

One boy stayed quite true to what a sheep should look like and chose to use only white materials. He also placed his wiggly eyes in the correct place.

One girl drew on the eyes and then stuck some wiggly eyes on the sheep’s tummy as she was having a baby. Ahhh!

Another girl drew a dress and udders on her sheep before collaging it. Mum said they’d been talking about where milk came from earlier that morning.

Several sheep had wood slices for eyes, tails were added and quite a few had hats on. One very special sheep had a tiara. Ooo.

Overall the children really engaged with this activity, some coming back to make more than one picture whilst others sat for a good length of time concentrating very hard.


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