Summer Sensory Fun

Ahh… summer feels like it’s finally getting here. And to celebrate this most wonderful of seasons why not build a sensory box? They are just wonderful, allowing little hands to experience different sizes, colours, textures and sensations. They can be as colourful as you like, contain whatever you want and, best of all, they can be themed for any occasion. But, as we are celebrating summer, the contents of this box will be suitably themed.

What you’ll need:

cardboard box or any other kind of box

rice or pasta

blue and yellow food colouring

things to go in the box, such as:

blue and gold glitter

blue and gold tinsel pipe cleaners

yellow and blue sand

blue and yellow string

bucket of shells

craft fluffs

yellow feathers

paper balls

instant snow

yellow and blue tissue paper

blue and yellow marbling inks

foam shapes people pack

blue and yellow poster roll


What to do:

It can be as easy or complicated as you like. If you want to make quick sensory boxes, simply fill a smallish box with blue coloured rice and pasta for the sea and yellow for the sand. Then add some other items, such as shells, for texture and you’re done.

But, there are so many wonderful things the children can touch and sink their hands into it seems a shame to leave it just as that. So, why not use a larger box and line it with yellow and blue poster paper. Fill it with paper balls that you’ve coloured yellow and blue with marbling ink, crumple some yellow and blue tissue paper and add that, then throw in a few yellow craft fluffs and shells on the beach area.

Or use blue and yellow sand for the sea and the beach and add in glitter, pom poms, string and feathers for fun textures.

And you could create a completely different texture using instant snow. But, when you add the water put a couple of drops of food colouring in it to make blue and yellow versions. Then add in some tinsel pipe cleaners and foam people shapes.

What to do with the sensory boxes:

There are lots of different tasks you can get the children to do with their boxes. You could get them to describe what they see e.g. the colours, sizes and what they think things will feel like.

Or ask the children to close their eyes and sink their hands into the box. Encourage them to describe what they feel, move their hands about and say what it feels like passing over their skin – is it hot, cold, dry or rough?

You could ask them to count the number of different things they can find in the box or how many of each item they can find.

You should get hours of fun from them and, another great feature is most of the contents can be used again!

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