Sun Prints

One of the Saturday rituals in our household was for my son and me to make home-made pizza and have it for lunch. That was until he decided that a shop bought pizza was better. Um!

What’s this got to do with arts and crafts? Well, with the shop bought pizza you get a round polystyrene disk acting as a tray under the pizza.

“That’ll be useful for toddler group.” I thought.

So, I started to save all these trays in case they came in handy – much to the disdain of my husband who hates all the ‘Craft Stuff’ cluttering up the house.

Finding Inspiration

The night before toddler group I checked on the weather for the following day. It’d been really lovely here in Manchester for quite a few days and when it’s sunny the toddlers go outside in the Parish Centre playground, so I’d need an outside painting project.

But alas, the weather was to break and rain was forecast. This gave me the idea to bring the sun into our pictures. So yellow, red and orange painting was on my mind. As I packed up the paint I spotted the polystyrene disks and was inspired – let’s print the sun.

Sun Prints

So, that’s what we did. The children soon got the idea of painting on the disk then turning it over and pressing it down on the paper. The looks of delight on their faces when they saw the print they’d made was fantastic.

One little girl went through the process over and over again deepening the colour of her print with each pressing.

Another little girl exclaimed “it looks like the moon.” And, her print had different strengths of paint which mirrored the light and dark patterns on the moon. Very well observed for a three year old, I thought.

One girl put so much paint on her picture that we decided to lay another piece of paper over the top to take a mirror print. Fantastic!

Most children did more than one print. They all really enjoyed the activity and there were some pretty good prints that looked just like the sun. Good work everybody.

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