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Mark Making – Round and Round

This half of term I’m going to be doing a variety of activities based on circles. So for the first session we were drawing round and round.

Now just because I plan a session in a particular way doesn’t mean it’ll turn out as I envisaged – the children often have their own ideas about what they want to do. As the primary aim is to get them making marks with a variety of materials this is fine. So whilst most of the children were very good and gave the round and round a go they also did up and down and side to side. Read the rest of this entry »

Large Mark Making

Oh we had fun at toddler group today. It got really quite hectic but we had a couple of firsts at the art table which was fantastic.

I haven’t done much mark making with the children this term. We’ve done lots of collage, painting and printing and I’d quite forgotten how much they love drawing. Quite a few children did more than one picture. Read the rest of this entry »