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Autumn Leaves Printing

Autumn is a great time of year. You can’t beat it for colour, misty mornings and warm afternoons. Wonderful! And this year we’ve been so lucky with the weather. In fact it feels a little weird that the beautiful blend of golds, oranges and reds are appearing on the trees whilst it’s so warm.

So, now it’s officially autumn it’s the perfect time to break out the red and yellow paint along with our lovely leaf-shaped sponges. And that’s exactly what we did at toddler group today! Read the rest of this entry »


Summer is a great time to look at insects – it’s sunny and warm (in theory) and there are lots of bugs busy doing their business in the garden. So, why not use the time to teach children about the importance of insects in the life cycle of plants and why they should avoid panicking and killing anything that flies or crawls on sight! Read the rest of this entry »


Now that summer seems (however fleetingly) to be here, it’s an ideal time to get out and about, especially as this year is International Year of Forests. Read the rest of this entry »