The Joy of Painting

We sometimes forget that keeping it simple is just as fun and creative (and some would argue more so) as having lots of materials to go at.

So this week I decided to go back to basics and just provide paint, paper and a brush for the little ones.

The children could choose the colours of both the paint and paper they wanted to use. I found they had very clear ideas of which colours they liked.

One little boy was having an orange day – he had chosen orange clothes to wear and then wanted orange paper. I didn’t actually have orange paint on the table but he produced a dynamic picture using a variety of colours.

A little girl got very enamoured with the black, layering it up between lighter colours – she loved the fact that the black turned the lighter paint darker. Good experimentation.

Another little girl told the story of the little mermaid as she painted and her final picture was of Ariel from the Disney film. Well Ariel does have red hair!

One of the older girls created five paintings all based around a female figure – including a cat in some of the images. Children often like to do this – draw or paint the same thing over and over. The cat and the girl were dancing together. One of the figures was of her mum. Ahhh.

Another girl painted flowers, and another just enjoyed smoothing the paint over the paper and, in the end, did about six paintings. On her last one she discovered she could make marks by putting a little paint on the tips of her fingers and pressing them down on the paper.

Some children just did strokes with the brush, others dabbed and some did both. They all worked really hard on their pictures and produced images as individual as themselves.


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