Three Early Years Picture Frame Crafts for Mother’s Day

Who doesn’t like a photo of their children? So why not have the children make photo frames you can put their pictures in for their mums for Mother’s Day? Here are three really simple, but fun, ideas for you to try with the children.

Flower Photo Frame in a Pot
Cut a circle of card to use as a base for your flower. Stick fabric petals around the edge with PVA and leave to dry.

When dry, glue a photo of the child in the middle of the flower.

Wind two tinsel pipe cleaners together to make your stem and tape it to the back of the flower.

Put some clay in the bottom of your plant pot to hold your flower firmly in place. Paint the clay green or brown or add some green pom poms to the top. Voila – one fun flower frame in a pot.

Craft Stick Frame
Glue four craft sticks together in a square and leave to dry. You can use either plain or coloured craft sticks.

Decorate the frame as desired. We’ve used acrylic gems and wooden flowers but let the children have a range of collage to choose from so they can make unique frames.

Make a hook with a tinsel pipe cleaner by winding it round the top craft stick.

When all is dry attach your photo to the back.

Paper Plate Flower Frame
We love our fabric petals and paper plates for making stuff here at AD. So by bringing them together you get this fab frame.

Glue the petals to the edge of the paper plate. Then glue glitter to, or paint, the centre of the plate.

Once dry, glue on a photo of the child.

For a hook, attach a ribbon to the back of the plate. In addition you can attach a card with a message to mum at the bottom.

Don’t forget all the materials you need are available on our website. Have fun with your Mother’s Day craft.

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