Three Father’s Day Ideas For Early Years

I don’t know why but coming up with great ideas to celebrate Dads can be tricky. But I’ve had a scoot round the internet and have found some fab ideas for you do with the little ones.

Handprint and Poem
AD specially commissioned a short poem for you to use on a card. Put alongside a handprint to make it personal. You can download the template from our website for free or buy a pack of 10 on thin card for £1.66. Plus VAT.

Photo With Chalk Board Message In A Child-Made Photo Frame
Have a chat with the children and find out one thing they love about their Dad. Then, write on a chalk board that reason. Take a photo with them holding the board then put it on a card or in a craft stick photo frame made by the child.

One for Babies
Again this involves photos but I think this idea is so cute I have to share it with you. Make a sign with a big heart and “I Love My Daddy” on it. Then photograph the baby holding it. Ahhhh.

To see photos of these ideas and for more great ideas visit our Fathers Day Pinterest board.

No Dad To Make For
Sadly, this is the reality for some children. But it’s worth finding out if there is a granddad, favourite uncle or family friend the child could make something for so as not to be left out. That’s why we made our poem for someone special rather than just for Dad.

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