Three Resources for Early Years Creativity

Over the years I’ve come across some great resources for you to be inspired by. So here are three that I’ve found really useful:

The first one is Earlyarts who provide training, research and evidence on the benefits of the arts in early years, ‘how to’ guides and more.

At the moment they are giving away a free download: 10 Great Techniques To Make Your Teaching More Creative. To receive this you do have to give up your email address. But that’s a small price to pay for some great tips.

Next up is a set of great articles on ‘Art in the Early Years’ from Nursery World. You have to have either a subscription with them or you can sign up for a free trial to get access to these articles. They cover: The Creative Learning Environment, Drawing, Painting, Print Making, Collage, Textiles and 3D. I’ve used them extensively as a reference for developing art activities.

My third recommendation is Mary Ann Kohl’s Facebook group. People post some really whacky ideas in this group and I’ve been inspired by quite a few of the activities that have been shared. Often people post videos of the activities so you can see exactly what is going on.

And don’t forget Artful Dodgers resources. These include:

This blog. Look back through past posts for tried and tested activities.

Our guide for parents on art in early years ‘It’s No Piccasso’. You can download this or request 10 copies for free with your order.

Craft activity ideas where you find crafts for all the major festivals with materials list, instructions, suggested discussion topics and more.

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