Three Ways to Use Sequin Mesh With Early Years Children

Tumbling Leaves Collage on Sequine MeshSequin mesh is a versatile material which you can use for:

Printing and painting

I’ve several ideas you can try with sequin mesh and making collage.

First up is the Tumbling Leaves Collage – this will help with the children’s fine motor skills as it’s quite fiddly. The children could work on a long piece of sequin mesh as a group project, either taking it in turn or working together, so they only have to add a couple of leaves. The final product looks great when pinned to a display board. Alternatively, you could cut the sequin mesh into shorter pieces for each child to work on individually.

All you have to do is thread the stalks of the artificial leaves onto the mesh. As no glue is required you can use the leaves again when you’ve finished with the exercise or finished displaying the final piece.

You could take this idea further and use any kind of threading material including wool, laces, thin ribbons and make a really colourful collage. Or you could colour theme it to fit with a season.

Another idea is to cut shapes out of the sequin mesh and use to make a card for a special occasion – a heart for Valentine’s Day for example. Or use the different shapes to add interest to other pictures or as part of a gluing and sticking session.

Printing and Painting
You can use the sequin mesh as a stencil. Children will love dab dabbing paint through the holes to make lots of small circles underneath. They could use a roller to apply the paint as well.

This would be ideal for a snow scene or a picture of falling blossom. Cover a whole piece of paper with the dots, let dry and use as a background – great for underwater themes. Plus, the children can make repeating patterns by overlaying with different colours.

Best of all, let the children have a free hand and see how they use the materials and how they put their own interpretation on the results.

I’m sure you’ve come across making sculptures out of junk. Sequin mesh is a waste product from making sequins so is an ideal material for this sort of project. It’s great for winding round large sculptures to add sparkle and glamour. And, you can weave wools and leaves onto it to add even more interest. Smaller pieces could be used for smaller sculptures as well.

If you’re using dough or clay the sequin mesh can be pressed in to the medium to add texture to the surface.

So there you have it. Three great ideas of how you can use sequin mesh. If you use it in a different way please let me know so I can share it with the Artful Dodgers community.


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