Trees are vital!

Not only are trees the lungs of the earth giving us the oxygen we breath, they can also give us pretty much everything we need to survive – shelter, food and fuel. And, when managed well, are a totally renewable resource. So, it’s good for children to understand just how important they are in the grand scheme of things.

Make the room a forest!

This week I’ve got a lovely craft idea to brighten up any room – turn it into a forest!

It’s easy and there’s no planting involved! All you need is:

leaf green extra wide poster roll or jungle paper, not really a tree, but near enough!

chocolate brown poster roll

glue or Blu-tack

• your choice of paper or card for birds – I’d suggest cotton paper sheets for texture, intensive card for colour or gold and silver card for a regal look

large scissors

• usual suspects for decorating the birds – glitter, jewels, buttons, spotted feathers or natural feathers, wax crayons, fluorescent paints, pearlised paints, chalks

wiggly eyes

Cut a tree – whatever size you like – using the chocolate brown poster roll for the trunk and the leaf green poster roll or jungle paper for the leaves.

Glue or blu-tack the trees – depending on how permanent you’d like this project to be – to a suitable wall space. Get the children to create and decorate their own birds from card – it’s simple and fun for little hands.

Once the birds are dry, attach to the tree with glue or Blu-tack.

One stage further

Now, if you’ve made the trees permanent, you can take the project one stage further. Change the tree as the seasons change – adding artificial red, yellow and golden leaves in the autumn or even real leaves, snow in winter using cotton wool or white paper and silver glitter or iridescent glitter flakes and buds in the spring, which you can make using Spring Seasonal Card and Paper and whatever decoration the children choose.

Not only that, you could also add flowers and individual leaves or bugs – the teaching and creative possibilities are endless!

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