Triangle Collage and Felt Tips

No toddler group again this week as I had to attend a meeting. But here is another activity I ran with the group a couple of years ago.

I found that circle collage was a popular activity with the children. So I varied the activity by changing the shape of the collage materials.

Materials: Triangles in assorted shapes, sizes and materials
A4 Coloured Card
PVA glue
Glue Sticks
Glue Pots
Pot of felt tips in a variety of colours

As usual, different coloured card was laid round the table so the children could choose which colour to work on.

Younger children enjoyed rubbing the glue sticks onto the card or using the brush with the PVA. They seemed to like the feel of brushing the glue on the paper. One little girl spent a long time just brushing the glue onto the card. She concentrated very hard on this. In her other picture she seemed very attracted to the yellow triangles even though Mum was trying to encourage her to use other colours and materials.

One four-year-old boy who is usually very enthusiastic about making art eagerly came over to the table and made one picture – then left not to return. Though we had a good discussion about what the triangles were made from and he guessed that some were cut from a paper plate and wanted to know how I had done that.

Some of the children made three or four pictures – one two-and-half-year old girl did all hers in one sitting while a three-year-old boy kept coming back. One of his pictures looked like a sailing boat so we has a little discussion about this and he said it was a boat with two sails.

Some of the younger children were helped by their Mums. It was lovely to see them working together to make a picture – and the Mums didn’t seem to be dominating the decisions.

One three-year-old girl drew her family then ‘dressed’ them with the triangles. Another three year old girl did a picture with yellow and brown triangles on a black background. Very striking.

Some children about 18 months old wanted to experiment with the felt tips. Some lovely scribbly pictures were produced. These children haven’t learnt how to hold a pen yet so they grab the felt tip like a spoon and then make their marks.

The children didn’t seem to worry about the ‘boundary’ of the card and let their triangles spill over the edge.

This was a very successful activity – it engaged the children and allowed them to learn how to use or practice applying glue – either as a stick or with a brush. And, they could use felt tips to add to their pictures.

The beauty of this activity is that you can do it over and over again with different shapes and textures. I was also interested to see that some children interpreted the triangles as objects – clothes and a sailing boat. So, give it a go and enjoy!

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