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World Education Games

March hosts the World Education Games. This is a global challenge organised by unicef to get kids of all ages excited about learning. The games start on March 6th with World Spelling Day, the 7th is World Maths Day and the 8th is World Science Day. These three days provide plenty of creative opportunity for your classrooms. You can dedicate each of the days to learning about the three subjects and we have everything you could possibly need to achieve this.

World Spelling Day

We have some great Montessori products to help with spelling and language. So, why not hold a spelling competition using our fabulous moveable alphabets. We have lots of different types to choose from including:

large print

small print

small cursive

small sassoon

We also have sandpaper letters in:




Or how about using white or coloured chalk and boards to practise spellings. You could also hold a spelling competition using A4 paper to write on. For each correct word you could award a merit sticker. The A4 sheet can then be stuck into their scrap books.

World Maths Day

We also have some great Montessori products for learning maths. You could help the children to make the association between the figures 0-9 and their corresponding quantities using spindle boxes. Then move on to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using the Addition Strip Board, Subtraction Strip Board, Multiplication Board Set and Division Board Set.

World Science Day

And, not surprisingly, we have super Montessori products for science too. Our botany equipment includes some colourful plant and animal puzzles. Geography is also well covered with world maps, globes and land and water form sets. We also have some wonderful felt sets including a Big Felt Flower, Big Felt Tooth, Felt Solar System and a Felt Watercycle.

Don’t Know What Montessori is?

And if all this talk of Montessori has piqued your interest but you don’t really know what we’re on about you should have a look at the Montessori St Nicholas Charity website for teacher training opportunities, jobs, news and events.

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