Valentine’s Day Early Years Craft

Valentine’s Day is a great time to be talking about love, affection and ways of expressing love.

There are many different types of love – the romantic kind, of course, but for small children this isn’t really relevant. So there’s the love for parents, siblings, friends, carers, pets and even a favourite teddy. Ask the children who they love – I’m sure there will be some surprising answers!

Expressing Love
You can chat to the children about how to express their love for someone. These include telling someone you love then, demonstrating love with hugs and kisses as well as giving gifts and cards.

Valentine’s Day Activities For Early Years

I found this lovely little activity in a chat room:

Say the following rhyme:

I put my hands together, this is how I start;
I curve my fingers right around and I can make a Heart!

Try it!

One teacher said she’d done this activity and that some of her under threes found it a real challenge. She also took photos of the children making the heart shape with their hands. Then they cut out the photos and stuck them on to heart-shaped card, wrote the name of someone they loved on the back and hung them on a ‘love tree’. Sounds a great activity!

Here are some art and craft activities I’ve done over the years with the toddler group.

Red and Pink for Valentine’s Day Art – this includes colour sorting and matching activities as well as using the sorted collage materials to make valentine pictures.

Valentine Cards and Pictures give the children shape sorting and cutting practice before they make their cards and pictures.

Both these activities are tried and tested with early years children.

And of course we have our Valentine’s craft materials ready to go, plus visit our Valentine’s Pinterest Page for even more ideas.

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