We’re Pleased to Announce …

Isn’t it great when you get good news in your inbox? Well last week one of our suppliers emailed me with the fantastic news that two of the toy tubs we offer have won some prestigious awards.

Play People


This play resource for 2 – 5 year olds has won the 2014 Practical Pre-School Gold Award with a fantastic score of 94.2%.

Their testers had this to say, “The children loved the play people. They are strong, durable and easy to clean, and provide many different learning experiences for the children. They were great for planned activities on counting and pattern making but also fun for child-led play. What an excellent resource, ideal for an early years setting or school environment and great value for money too.”

Wow! That’s quite an endorsement. We knew they were good but that is a fantastic write-up.

Pipe Pieces with Wheels


This fun set for 5-9 year olds has won 2014 Primary Teachers Silver Award with another high score of 89.5%.

Again the testers gave a ringing endorsement, “I would definitely buy this product; it really fired the children’s imagination. Children of all ages really enjoyed playing with these, and staff thought the bright primary colours were great. A variety of things were made from telescopes to combine harvesters, and the constructions were used for role playing games. We used the pipes for water play. So versatile!”

We also have three other play tubs in this range – nuts and bolts, progressive buttons and colossal lacing buttons. All come in handy storage tubs and can be used for counting, colour sorting, size sorting and shape sorting.

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