Winnie Mabaso Foundation

May PoleArtful Dodgers is pleased to announce we’ve made a much needed donation of arts and crafts materials to the Winnie Mabaso Foundation. This worthy cause helps orphans and suffers of HIV/AIDS in South Africa to live as normal as life a possible in extremely difficult circumstances. Any donations you could give or fundraising you could do would be greatly appreciated.

Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day and a great time to teach young minds about environmentalism. Our felt Recycle-it visual display is the perfect way to start the lesson, teaching kids about what can be used again, what can be recycled and what will end up in land-fill. You could use another of our fabulous felt displays, the Water cycle Wall Hanging, to teach about where water comes from and goes to, as well as how to conserve it by doing simple things such as turning the tap off whilst cleaning teeth and washing hands.

May Day

May 1st is, of course, May Day – traditionally a magical time to welcome in spring this special day has some lovely traditions associated with it, including Morris Dancing, Maypole dancing and the crowning of a May Queen. You can make your own Maypole easily and, keeping on track with the recycling message, the pole can be made from old cardboard boxes and tubes from tin foil and cling film – so start gathering them now!

You’ll need:

an old cardboard box to make the base, or two or three pieces of heavy card glued together

4-5 cardboard tubes



decorations such as Poster Roll, Flower Bordette, Tissue Paper Flowers, Streamers and a paper spun ball

Once you have your materials assemble like this:

1. prepare a base from an old cardboard box or use the glued sheets of card

2. make small vertical cuts in the end of one of the tubes of about an inch

3. bend the ends outwards 90 degrees so that you form a flat base

4. attach the tube to the cardboard base with glue and tape to be extra secure

5. now make small vertical cuts in the ends of the remaining tubes of about an inch

6. bend the ends inwards slightly so that they overlap and the end of the tube becomes slightly pointed

7. slide one end of the tube into the other and secure with tape

8. decorate – this is where you can let the children get really involved with covering the pole and decorating it in a suitably spring-like manner with tissue paper flowers, poster paper and flower bordette

9. fasten lengths of streamers to the inside of the top of the pole using tape

10. pop in a decorated paper spun ball to complete the pole.

Once the pole is finished the children can do the Maypole dance, see these videos to show you how it’s done:

And, best of all, you can recycle the paper and card pole once it’s finished with!

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