Winter Berries Inspired Sculpture for Early Years

In our video, Susie is inspired by beautiful crab apples and berries to create a dynamic, moving sculpture. Show the children the video to help them develop an awareness of their environment and learn how to look carefully at what they see. Then let them respond to what they have seen by creating their own three dimensional piece.

Download the accompanying PDF.

For this activity you will need:

Pipe cleaners
Clay or plasticine

Notice in the video we make it clear that they shouldn’t eat the berries or the beads.

Let the children experiment with different sized beads and shaping the pipe cleaners how they want (some children may want to make loops). It’s important that they’re allowed to determine how the piece is made so it will then be unique to them.

If using plasticine it is best to warm it slightly on a radiator to soften so the pipe cleaners are easy to push in.

Add A Little Bit Of Science

You can also show the children how to experiment with the swing of the pipe cleaners once the beads have been threaded on. The distance and speed of the swing will change depending on the size of the bead and where it is placed on the length of the pipe cleaner. For example a big bead placed at the top will create a larger, but slower swing and, when placed at the bottom a smaller but faster swing just like a metronome.

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