Wood Sprites!

Oh these are just wonderful to create! Why? Because they require a trip to your local patch of wild woodland, or nearest park if you’re a city based nursery. These sprites are fun, nature centred and super easy to make.

Get Ready for the Great Outdoors

Get your kids togged up in the right outdoor gear – willies, mackintoshes and our fluorescent vests might be the best bet at the moment – then head off into the trees with a suitable receptacle for the woodland goodies you find. You should be looking out for twigs, seed pods, leaves, acorns, conkers and anything else you think might make good body parts or decoration. Once you’ve gathered your wood sprite body bits, spread out some old newspaper on the classroom floor and lay out your woody bits to dry.

Now you’re ready to start!

You’ll need some modelling boards to build the sprites on. Then you’ll need something to make the main body of the sprite – we think our Modelling Dough or Colour Clay (there’s a great picture of a wood sprite on this page too!) are perfect for temporary creations. For more permanent sprites you should try our Air-Hardening Clay or the fantastic Air Dough.

We also have some great clay knives that can add some wonderful texture to the little creatures or you can simply press the bark of the unused twigs into the body to leave woody patterns.

You’ll also want something to use for eyes and our Peel and Stick Wiggly Eyes with Lashes are perfect for lady sprites while our Wobbly Eyes Stack Pack is just the job for the boys.

How to Make The Sprites

Take a chunk of clay and mould into a rough body shape – it can be whatever shape the children fancy, after all, who knows what sprites really look like! Add some twigs for legs and arms, then mould the feet from clay. If the children want the sprite to stand, make sure the feet are flat on the bottom; if the sprite is sitting down the feet can be any shape. Now all that’s left is to decorate, and seeing as we’ve established that no-one knows what sprites look like, the children really can do what they like with a combination of leaves, seeds, small twigs and bits of bark.

Don’t forget to send us photos of your sprites for inclusion in our gallery – send to susan@artfuldodgers.co.uk.

Harvest Festival

These wonderful little sprites would make great decorations for your Harvest Festival displays. This Christian festival, celebrated on or around the Autumn Equinox, marks the end of gathering the crops and gives thanks for the bounty of food that’ll see parishioners through the winter – more on this next week!

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