World Days

Water CycleWe love to make a day of it – and I am talking here about celebration day’s that can be enjoyed by all, such as World Day of this and that – so, there are plenty to choose from. They can be a great way to introduce a new idea or concept to enquiring minds. And, to give you an idea of how World Day’s can be adapted for use in the classroom I’ve picked out a couple below.

World Maths Day

March 1st is World Maths Day – I don’t really think you need much prodding to see how useful this could be. And, we have lots of great Montessori maths teaching equipment for you to choose from. But, you can use almost anything to teach basic counting skills. For example, you could use buttons or pom poms and simply get the children to count out a certain number and place them in something else, such as a paint mixing tray. Plus, we have more traditional counting aids such as wooden numbers.

World Water Day

March 22nd is designated World Water Day and is a great time to introduceSmocks ideas about recycling, conserving and preserving the worlds valuable water resources. We have just the thing to get you started – our Felt Water-Cycle Wall Hanging, which you can use to demonstrate where water comes from, how it’s transformed and where it ends up. And, it is, of course, always fun to play with water, measuring it, pouring it and colouring it. But, if you don’t want the ensuing mess it’s best to take precautions such as splash mats for the floor, cover-all’s for the tables and smocks for the little ones.

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