World Sports Day

June 25th is World Sports Day and there are loads of fun creative things you can do with your kids to celebrate. The event is linked to the Olympics and the official website has plenty on offer, including ideas for using food, geography, language, music and performance, visual art and sport to celebrate the day. The website also features videos of the official Olympic Mascot dance so the children can learn how to do it – great fun!

Geography Lesson

Why not use some of our fantastic Montessori items to teach the children about the countries competing in the London 2012 Olympics? We have a superb selection of country flags, including Asia, Europe, North and South America and Africa that could be used alongside one of our sand globes or our world puzzle map.

Make Your Own

If you fancy letting the children’s creative juices flow, you could create a huge map of the world for the classroom wall. Once you’ve done this, the children can create and add flags to it – this could be a project that lasts several weeks as there are plenty of flags to choose from – over 190 in total! You can find the flags for every country on Flagpedia.

To create this project you would need:

sky blue poster roll

Blu tack

rainbow paper A4, A3 and A2 size


black marker pen

printable world map

light-weight white card A4

watercolour class pack

What to do:

Depending on the age of the children, you can either get them to do this part or do it yourself so that the world map is ready for the children to add their flags to:

use the sky blue poster paper for the background and fix to the wall using blu tack or double sided tape

use the printable map as a template and cut out the country shapes in different coloured paper, name the countries using black marker pen and attach them with glue

cut the A4 card in half to make A5 and give a piece to each child

now ask the children to choose a flag to reproduce using water colour classpack pens

once the flags are finished, each one can be added to the map using Blu tack

Have fun!

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