World Water Day Revisited

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, this year 22nd March is World Water Day – quite appropriate at a time when drought measures are already being put in place in the South and East of the UK!

If you’ve not already visited the official site, I’d recommend it. You can download a brochure and a poster; there’s a game for the classroom; FAQs about the topic which you can use when discussing it with the children and an animation of the water cycle.

But you can also get the children involved making these things themselves. Get them to make their own World Water Day posters using:

Intensive Card to provide a colourful background

Ready Mix Paint for trees, grass, crops and flowers

Cotton Wool for clouds

Sand for desert areas and Glue to stick the cotton wool and sand.

You could also put together your own water cycle model using the same ‘ingredients’. Or, you could make life easy and use our felt water cycle. The different parts and flow arrows can be removed and re-attached using Velcro and there are a series of laminated labels to name them.

Moving on, you could use the globe to discuss where conditions are particularly arid, or where vegetation is particularly lush – and why this is the case. Look at how people manage to survive with very little water and how they have adapted.

Then, nearer home, use the Puzzle Map of the UK to discuss why some parts are dryer than others and how everyone can save water. A good site for ideas is and on a more general theme

Above all, get the kids thinking and making suggestions for how they can make their own contribution, not just on one day – but all year round.

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