Yellow and Purple Multi Media Pictures

There’s a great walk near us in the Peak District where, in May, you’ll find the fields full of yellow cowslips and purple wild orchids. It’s stunning. And now the daffodils are in full bloom along with crocuses, forsythia and primulas. These are predominantly yellow or purple and the inspiration for this activity.

Complementary and Harmonising Colours

Yellow and purple are complementary colours. This means they are opposites on the colour wheel and create vibrancy in pictures when put next to each other. Just look at the pictures on this page and you’ll see what I mean.

This is the opposite to using harmonising colours which are next to each other on the colour wheel and appear easier on the eye. This is demonstrated really well in our Red and Pink for Valentine’s Day Art blog post a few weeks ago.

For more colour theory and how combinations work together visit Tigercolour.

Multi Media

Over the last few weeks at toddler group we’ve covered mark making, printing with paint and collage. So this week we brought all these materials and techniques together in one picture.

The children had the choice of a large piece of purple sugar paper or a small piece of purple card to work on. The yellow collage materials were laid out on a separate table so the children could select the items they wanted to use. Yellow and gold glitter paint was available on the work table along with yellow playcolour, chalks, oil pastels and chubbi markers.

The Children’s Reaction

I know I’m onto a winner if paint or collage is involved. So, put them together and the children are in their element.

Today I had two – yes two – tots do their first picture at playgroup. One went for collage and the other paint.

There’s one little girl who loves to experiment with her collage. She was threading beads on to matchsticks but couldn’t work out how to keep the matchstick in the beads once the beads had been stuck down. Eventually she discovered that she needed a lot more glue to hold it all together.

There is one little boy who would not come near the art table but, since he’s been at nursery, he has started to get curious about collage and is willing to give it a go.  His mum is delighted. So, you nursery guys are doing something right.

Try working with complementary or harmonizing colours to create stunning displays of original children’s work.

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