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Today I’m going to tell you about a project we did for Easter last year. At the time this was quite a terrifying project for me as I hadn’t done anything like it with the children before and wasn’t sure how they’d react – but isn’t that when the best art is made?

I needn’t have worried – it was a hit, not only with the children but with the parents as well. Everyone was so pleased with the end result it was hung in the local church over Easter!


To make the checkerboard background I used painting paper and self-adhesive film. I’ve listed all the materials we used at the bottom of the page but I basically ferreted out anything that was yellow or gold. Once finished and dried I covered the whole thing in self-adhesive film to protect it. The collage took one and a half hours to make – the time of the toddler group session.

The children had to choose their materials then bring them back to the table to work on the collage.


Interestingly, even though the children could work on any part of the collage, they stayed within the bounds of each square or rectangle.

Once they got the hang of choosing materials you could see how carefully they thought about what they selected.

All the children enjoyed the new experience of ‘sticky paper’ – though one little boy insisted on covering the self-adhesive film in PVA before sticking anything down!

The children all got very engaged with making the collage – even children as young as 14 months sat still, carefully placing their collage pieces, for a good 15 minutes or more.

This was a fabulous activity, engaging for the children and pleasing for the adults. It was suitable for the wide age range a toddler group caters for. And, the great thing was, the children had complete freedom on which part of the collage to work, which materials to use and when to finish.

Materials List:

This is by no-means everything you can use. The main criteria for inclusion were that the materials should be yellow or gold.

A large checkerboard background made from paper and self-adhesive clear film

Foam shape

Cellophane shapes

Glitter Board shapes

Wool in three shades of yellow and two thicknesses

Craft Sticks

Raffia – cut up in short lengths

Glitter Pipe Cleaners – 15cm and 30cm

Pom Poms

Glitter Poms


Craft fluffs

Pencil Crayons

Felt Tips


Play Colour stick

Chalk Dabber

Chubbie Dabber

Yellow Ready Mixed Paint

Gold Ready Mixed Paint

Gold Glitter paint

Paint brushes

Paint Pot


Glue Sticks


Washing up bowl with warm soapy water and a towel.

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