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Art In The Open


 By Susie Busby


Creating art from nature is an exciting way to spend the day. It’s an opportunity to stretch your imagination and to work really big using materials that are to hand. It’s also a great way to explore natural materials and discover nature. All the family can get involved finding materials and adding them to your piece.

On the Beach

Giant mermaids and octopuses made out of seaweed, stones and shells are a great way to start. And there are a thousand ways the children can make beautiful patterns out of shells. Don’t forget about sand sculptures too – castles, boats and all manner of trenches make fun projects. Stones also make great sculptures and balancing them is a challenging task!

In The Snow

Snow has to be one of the most fun things to make art out of – it’s so sparkly and crisp! And, let’s face it, children need no encouragement to get out in the fluffy white stuff and start building. Traditional snowmen with their carrot noses and button eyes are a must of course, but there are loads of other things they could have a go at. Why not try sculpting a sofa or chair? They are pretty easy to make and great fun to sit on for photos.
Make sure you take some keepsake photos of the artwork as, when the tide comes in, they’ll be washed away.

In In the Garden

No matter how big your garden, there are always opportunities for creative play. Use giant chalks to create pictures on footpaths or flag stones and, don’t forget, when the rain comes, as it often does, they will be washed away so take some photos. Different sizes, shapes and textures of stones make great materials for artwork and sculptures and the different times of year offer up a whole host of creative supplies – from seed pods and leaves to cut grass. With supervision, everything has the potential to become a piece of art.

In the Woods

A walk in the woods can be magical. The crisp frost on the leaves in winter, the budding flowers of spring, the humming of summer evenings and the rich colours of autumn leaves all offer a sensory experience to young, enquiring minds. The woods also provide the perfect opportunity to make dens, and we all know how children love dens! Fallen branches, ferns and leaves all make excellent den materials. And, they can also be used to create a fairy grotto, a goblin’s lair or a dragon’s nest. But, do make sure that they leave the flowers alone – the bees need them. Plus the woods offer a huge range of materials to take home for collage, modelling and printing projects.