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How to Make Fluffy Chicks


By Susie Busby

Video Script:
Hi and welcome to Oli’s Art Club. Today we are making these cute fluffy chicks.
To make your chicks you will need:
Yellow craft fluffs
Orange pipe cleaners
Wiggly eyes
Yellow feathers
and some glue.
Before you start to make your chicks you will need to cut some of your pipe cleaners in half and cut down your feathers.
You start by unrolling the craft fluff. 
Then you take your half piece of pipe cleaner and bend it in half - this will form the beak
Slide one end of your unrolled craft fluff between the prongs and gently roll up.
There, you can see a chick starting to emerge.
Next, stick on the wiggly eyes.
And feathers for wings.
There you have it – one cute chick.
You can now make nests to display your chicks in. We’ve used papier mache for this one and card and feathers for this one. You can also coil up clay or pasticiene aswell.
Stay tuned to find out how to make your chick’s stand up.
If you want to make chick stand make it as before but don’t stick on any feathers.
Take a full length pipe cleaner and bend each end then wrap it round the chick’s bottom – like that.
Then glue on the feathers for wings and you can add tail feathers.
Everything you need, except the glue, to make 100 chicks is included in this chick kit which is exclusive to Artful Dodgers.