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How to Make a Cone Christmas Tree

Early Years and Primary Craft Project

By Susie Busby

 Cone Christmas Tree - Card, tinsel pipesm, Sequines and Poms


You will need:


Green Card
Tinsel Pipe Cleaners
Glitter Pom Poms
PVA Glue


Other equipment:


Glue pot and glue spreaders
A small plate




Draw a circle as large as will fit on to a piece of A4 coloured card. Let the child decide which colour they’d like to use. A small plate is good to use for this.


Cut out the circle, fold in half and then cut along the fold to make two semi-circles.


Take one semi-circle and fold it gently round into a cone. Secure with double sided tape or glue. If you are using glue you’ll need to keep the cone in shape with a paperclip until the glue is dry.


Your ‘tree’ is now ready to decorate.

In the image we’ve used glitter pipe cleaners for tinsel, sequins for bulbuls and a glitter pom pom for a star.



This project gives children opportunity to practise:


Cutting with scissors
Using glue
Decision making skills by choosing the decoration and where to put them
Co-ordination – by placing items where they want them


This also helps with developing fine motor skills