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Creative Crayons

By Susie Busby

Crayons are a versatile tool which children of all ages enjoy using to create wonderful works of art.

Crab crayon picture

18 months – 3 years

This age group are just discovering mark making. And it’s great if they can use their full bodies to get involved with scribbling and fanning. Our Chubbi Egg Crayons and A2 painting or rainbow paper are perfect for this. The Chubbi Eggs are easy for very young children to hold and the large paper means they can get a full arm swing into their drawing. With eight colours to choose from these pictures can become very dynamic as you can see from this picture.
Mulit coloured crayon scribble picture
 Chubbi Egg Crayons

Three Plus

As children get older and gain better control they are able to hold slimmer crayons and make more controlled marks.  
A good project is for children to colour through a stencil. This will give them a shape they can repeat over and over again as Marley and I did with these pictures.
picture using stencil and crayon by Marley
Encourage children to experiment with their crayons using the tips as well as the sides. In this picture Ellie has used the tip to outline the trees and sun as well as colour in the sky – creating a really dramatic effect. In contrast she used the side of her crayon to create a smooth background for the bark.
Repeating pattern using stencil and crayon
Two trees picture in crayon using point and side techniques


Alternatively you can use a mask (masking tape is good for this as it’s not too sticky) to create patterns. Once the child has coloured the whole page, carefully peel off the mask to reveal the space beneath. This can be repeated time and again for a truly rainbow effect. Be careful when removing the tape as it can cause the paper to tear. We also found that a rougher paper was better for this as coated paper and card ripped easier.
Big M crayon picture using tape resist method
 Crayon pattern using tape resist technique

Round Scratch Pictures

An old favourite, we can all remember doing when we were children. Here Ellie coloured in a paper plate with all different colours then coloured over with black crayon.
She then used a craft stick to scratch in the moonscape picture.
A stencil can be used if you want to have a precise or repeating shape.
Scratch crayon moon scape picture

Use Crayons as a Resist

Ellie drew this picture with white and coloured crayons. She then brushed the paper with a thin wash made from ready mixed paint and water. This creates a wonderful image and young children are amazed when they see their picture or pattern emerge through the wash.
Sun with fairy clock picture using crayon resist method

We’ve crayons to suit all budgets and requirements in packs of 12 up to class packs of 288.

Chubbi Eggs  - Box of 8
Chublets – 12 pack
Chublets – 96 pack
Chubbi Stumps – 40 pack
Chubbi Stumps – 288 class pack
Crayola Mini Kids Crayons – 24 tub
Crayola Mini Kids Crayons – 144 class pack
Metallic Crayons – 12 pack
Metallic Crayons – 48 pack
Fabric Crayons – 12 pack
Rainbow Crayons – 25 pack
Plastix Crayons – 24 pack

Falling coins picuture using metallic crayons on black card
Metallic crayons on black card