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How to Make a Crepe Ghost

Early Years and Primary Craft Project

by Susie Busby


Crepe Ghost


This is a quick and easy project which can be adapted to make angels for Christmas.

You will need:


White Crepe Paper
Pipe Cleaners
Wiggly Eyes
Black felt tipped pen

Cotton or string to hang your ghosts
Craft sticks to make hand held puppets.




Scrunch up a piece of newspaper into a tight ball.

Cut a square of white crepe.

Place the ball into the middle of the crepe and pull fold the crepe around it. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the ‘neck’ of your ghost.

Stick on wiggly eyes and draw on a mouth.

Decorate as desired.

You can push a craft stick inside your ghost to make a puppet or attach cotton to hang.


Whaoooooooooa – spooky!


This project gives children opportunity to practise:


Using paper in different ways – scrunching and folding
Bending pipe cleaners
Manipulating glue
Decision making


And learn about:

Halloween symbols
Different types of paper and how they feel and behave.