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Chinese Dragon Puppet

Early Years and Primary Craft Project
By Megan Holian

You will need:


Fold a piece of card lengthways, unfold and cut down the crease with a pair of scissors

Fold one piece of the card in the style of an accordion (small sections folded backwards and forwards in a ‘pleats’ effect?)

On a different piece of card draw a dragon’s head and tail, copy and give to the children to cut out.

Use PVA glue to attach the head and tail to either end of the folded ‘body’.

On the back of the dragon, glue a lolly stick, one each side. These will be used to move your dragon.

Once the glue has dried you can decorate your dragon with wiggly eyes, glitter and bright colours. The iridescent glitter flakes add drama to the dragon’s teeth.


This project gives children opportunity to practise:

Fine motor skills by folding card, sprinkling glitter and placing collage
Scissor skills
Using glue
Following instructions.