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Early Years Father's Day Present

Matching wrapping paper, card and picture for Dad.


Processes and skills: Painting, printing and pattern making.


This is a great project for bringing together a direct printmaking technique, making patterns and making a special gift for Dad.

You will need:

Letter sponges D and A (or any D and A stamps or make your own – see below)
Thin brown paper or newsprint



The Picture

Let the children choose which colour they would like for their background. Encourage them to cover the whole of the canvas – including the sides – with their chosen colour. Some children will really enjoy doing this whilst others may just want to do one or two strokes – this is fine and will add to the individuality of each piece.
Next, the children need to choose another colour for printing the letters onto the picture.
Show them how to dip the sponge into the paint, dab on to a paper towel to remove the excess, then print onto the picture. They can place the letters wherever they like to make a pattern.
Some children may want to do more than one colour. This is fine as it will create a really dynamic patterned image.
To make the picture really special the last letters to be printed could be in metallic paint. But let the children decide so the picture is of their making.
Leave to dry.

Wrapping Paper and Card


Take some newsprint or thin brown paper and print the D and A letters all over. Use one or more colours and the letters can overlap.
Once dry you can use the paper to wrap the DAD pictures (or other gifts) in.
For a card the children can cut out a shape from their wrapping paper and stick it on to a card.
Bring all three together for a fully co-ordinated Father’s Day gift.

Extension Exercise:

If you have time the children could make their own D and A stamps from string or pipe cleaners formed into the letter shapes and glued to a stiff piece of card – your delivery boxes from Artful Dodgers will be ideal to cut up for this.
Once the glue has dried the stamps will be ready to use.