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How to Make a Simple Nativity Set

Early Years and Primary Craft Project

By Susie Busby

Simple Nativity made from  Metallic Colour Clay
Children will enjoy making their own Nativity set and it's easy to do with this method.

You can use any kind of modelling material including:

If you use air drying clay you will also need ready mixed or acrylic paint to paint your figures

Other equipment:

If painting: brushes, pallets, aprons and splash mat.



The simple set in the photo was made from metallic colour clay.


TIP: When using colour clay it’s best to leave it in warm place to soften it.
To make a body, form the bronze colour clay into a fat sausage and square off at the ends.
The heads are made from gold colour clay rolled into balls.
The halos are made from silver colour clay rolled out into thin worms and then wrapped round a finger to form a ring.
For the manger, simply cut the bronze colour clay to the desired lengths and stick together.
You can use this method to make all the characters from the Nativity story. Try experimenting with simple shapes to make the animals.

This project gives children opportunity to practise:

Manipulating modelling materials
Combining different shapes

And learn about:

The story of the birth of Christ
Making simple representations of people from shapes

Discussion topics:

The true meaning of Christmas