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How to Make a Paper Plate Bat

Early Years and Primary Craft Project

By Susie Busby

This is a fun and easy project that children will enjoy.

You will need


Paper Plates – two per bat
PVA Glue
Black Paint
Red Paint
Wiggly eyes


Other equipment:


Glue Spreader
Glue Pots
Paint Pots




Cut the bat wings and ears from one plate and paint black.
Cut the teeth from the remaining part of the plate.
Paint the tips of the teeth red for Vampire Bats!
Paint the other plate black to make the body of the bat.
Leave to dry.
Glue or tape the wings and ears onto the body.
Stick on the wiggly eyes and teeth. Leave everything to dry then hang where desired.

This project gives children opportunity to practise:

Manipulating glue
Manipulating paint


And learn about:

Halloween Symbols

Discussion topics:

Where bats live.
What bats eat.
How bats sleep.
When bats fly.
The size of bats.
Bats as a protected species.
What to do if you find a bat.
For information about bats visit the Bat Conservation Trust website: