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How to Make a Paper Plate Ghost

Early Years and Primary Craft Project

By Susie Busby

This is an easy project which can be adapted to the child’s age and skills.

You will need:


Other equipment:



Cut strips of crepe paper to the length you want your ghost to be. This can be done by the children if they are old enough to be cutting.
Glue the strips of crepe around the bottom half of the paper plate.
Leave to dry.
Once dry, paint or use a black felt tip to mark the eyes and mouth.
If you want to add a carrying/hanging handle and arms punch holes in the sides and top of the plate with a hole punch. Thread a pipe cleaner through each hole, twist to secure and twist together at the top to close the loop. For the arms, thread a black pipe cleaner through each hole and twist to secure. The ‘hands’ are balls of cotton wool with the pipe cleaner wrapped round them.

This project gives children opportunity to practise:


Manipulating glue
Mark making with felt tips or paint
Manipulating and twisting pipe cleaners

And learn about:

Halloween Symbols

Discussion topics:

What are ghosts?
Are they real?
What noises they make.