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How to Make a Santa Bauble

Early Years and Primary Craft Project

By Susie Busby

Santa Bauble


You will need:


Polystyrene Egg
Red Paint
White Paint
Black Paint
Red Card
Cotton Wool
Red Raffia
Black and red felt tip pens
PVA Glue
Split Pin


Other equipment


Splash Cloth
Water Pot



Put your polystyrene egg onto a stick and cover with red paint. Paint some white onto the space where the faced is to go. Leave to dry. You may want to do two coats of paint for a more even finish.

Cut three strips of red card. Cut one strip in half to make the arms. Fold the card to make the concertina legs and arms. Paint the end of the card black for gloves and boots. When dry glue on cotton wool cuffs and boot tops

Once the paint has dried attach the raffia on the top with a split pin to make the hanging loop. Then glue on the legs, arms and beard.

Draw on the eyes and mouth.

With a little imagination you can make other characters using the polystyrene egg as a base.


This project gives children opportunity to practise:

Painting a 3D object
Folding paper
Placing collage accurately