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How to Make Stanley the Spider


You will need:

1. Put your polystyrene ball on the end of a stick or pencil.
2. Cover in PVA glue.
3. Sprinkle on the black glitter and leave to dry. Make sure you sprinkle over some newspaper, a box or a tidy tray so you can re-use any glitter that doesn’t stick.
4. Cut your black pipe cleaners in half.
5. Once the glue is fully dry – takes about 24 hours – stick the pipe cleaners into the ball and bend to make the legs.
6. Stick on wiggly eyes.

Make a home for your spider using PVA and glitter.    

1. Lay out a black plastic bin bag on the table.
2. Squeeze PVA glue on to the bag in the shape of a web.

3. Sprinkle with silver glitter.
4. Leave to dry.
5. When dry, peel off the web and find a place to hang.