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How to Make a Star of David

Early Years and Primary Craft Project

By Susie Busby

Star of David made from craft sticks and glitter


You will need:


6 craft sticks per star
PVA glue


Other equipment:


Glue pot and spreaders
Tidy Tray




Make two equilateral triangles by gluing the tips of the craft sticks together – leave to dry


Once dry glue one triangle on top of the other to form the star– leave to dry.


Cover your star in glue and sprinkle liberally with glitter.

Make sure when glitter is sprinkled that you do it over a suitable surface to capture the excess glitter so it can be reused. e.g over newspaper or a tidy tray.


This project gives children opportunity to practise:


Controlling glue
Making shapes
Controlling glitter


And learn about:

Cultural symbols