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How to Make a Tea Light Holder

Early Years and Primary Craft Project

By Susie Busby


Clay tea light holder


This is a great project that can be used for Diwali, Christmas or as a gift for Mother’s or Father’s day.


You will need:


Air Drying Clay
Ready Mixed Paint
Tea Lights
PVA Glue

Other equipment:

Paint Pallets
Glue Pot
Tidy Tray



Method One
Roll out some air drying clay to about 10cm round or square.

Place a tea light in the centre and fold the clay up round it. Pinch one side to make a handle.


Let the clay dry.
Paint and decorate as desired.

With this method you can make all sorts of shapes to suit. One more idea is to cut petal shapes which fold up round the tea light to form a Waterlilly.


Depending on the age of the children you are working with encourage them to think about what sort of shape they’d like their tea light holder to be and to experiment with the clay to get the results they are looking for.


Method Two
Coil Tea Light Holder

This method will be suitable with small children as they are making worms with the clay and coiling them round to make a holder.


Roll lengths of clay into worms.

Coil the clay to form a base a bit wider than the tea light.

Place the tea light in the centre of the base and coil clay round the tea light until you reach to top. Tip: don’t touch the tea light as the clay shrinks slightly and will split when drying or, if drying without the tea light in place, the holder will be too small for your tea light.


Once dry paint and decorate as desired.

This project gives children opportunity to practise:


Manipulating Clay
Controlling paint and glitter
Decision making skills


And learn about:


Cultural stories and celebrations when made in conjunction with a festival.