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How to Use Shapes to Make Halloween Pictures!

Early Years and Primary Craft Project
by Susie Busby


Halloween gives children plenty of opportunity to practise painting or cutting out circles, triangles, squares and lines using the traditional Halloween colours of orange, green and black.


Painted Pictures

Pumpkin Painting Artful Dodgers
Painting pumpkins on to A2 sheets of paper is fun for children of all ages. Little ones especially can get their whole body involved in painting the outline of the pumpkin.  They can then practice using paint and control their mark making by trying to keep within the line of the circle.


Children can use a thinner brush to paint triangles for the eyes and nose, lines for the mouth and squares for the teeth.


Here are some more paintings of other Halloween symbols using circles, triangles, squares and lines.


Cat painting artful dodgersWitch Painting Artful DodgersSpider Paining Artful Dodgers


Colour Mixing


Show the children how to make orange by mixing yellow and red paint. This can be done on a pallet or on the paper. In the picture  on the right below I squeezed out a line of red and a line of yellow paint on to the paper then took an old plastic car and moved it back and forward in the paint – very effective and great fun! You can do the same exercise to make green from yellow and blue.


Red and Yellow make Orange Ready Mixed Paint    Red and Yellow Ready Mixed Paint Stripes


Collaged Pictures


Make great Halloween pictures using different coloured card. Making collage pictures the children have the chance to practise drawing shapes, cutting out, controlling glue and sticking down where they choose.


Halloween Pumpkin Collage    Collage Halloween Pumpkin Head


Halloween Puppet Kit


With our Halloween Puppet Kit – exclusive to Artful Dodgers – you can  make 50 witch, bat, spider or cat stick puppets using circles, triangles, lines and spheres.


Halloween Video


If you have access to the Internet in your rooms then here is a video we found which illustrates learning shapes at Halloween. You may have to pause the video if you want the children to find the shapes themselves as the film moves along a little too quickly.





A2 Paper
Ready Mixed Paint
Paint Pallet
Water Pot
Coloured Card